Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here we go a-blogging!

Yeah for Lori! Thank you for setting us up with a communal blog!

Let's get started! I posted a link to a very inspiration commencement speech that I'd love for you to look at and post some thoughts! 

l am also going post a link to a site with info about 21st Century Skills- the basic underpinnings of Core Standards. 

 I would love to hear how things wrapped up last night! I am sorry that I had to leave early! 

Also from my notes from other workshops that lend themselves to grappling with connecting lesson plans to the standards. You may already be familiar with these but I wanted to bring them up again because of what Wendy said about working backwards (teaching what you know and love and then finding the standards that apply). I think many times our teaching goals (specific standards) will become visible AFTER the lesson takes place.

Benefits of Arts Education: 

1. Sensitive attention to Relationships (learn how to see & experience)
2. Problems can have more than 1 solution
3. Goals don't always proceed the means
4. We know more than we can articulate (but you can demonstrate that knowledge through the arts) 

Last....a link to something light-hearted that you might enjoy! 


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  1. Thank you, Annika! The Neil Gaiman speech is awesome, and I've already shared it with my creative friends, from tattoo artists, musicians, and museum people, it speaks to us all on so many levels. The most important thing that I took from it is to believe in yourself and try, and keep being creative. I love that.